Film is a great medium but it does not have a long-shelf life and can easily deteriorate. 
Images on your home movies start to fade and you can barely recognize people's faces.
Let Wink Imaging safeguard those irreplaceable photo memories on a timeless DVD.
Why not get started today!

Film Transfer  
8mm & Super 8mm Silent Film                $0.15 per foot + $12.00
8mm & Super 8mm Sound Film                $0.17 per foot + $12.00
Video Transfer  
DVD Copies (Large Quantity Pricing Available) $6.99
Video Transfer Formats: VHS,VHS-C,8mm, Hi8mm, MiniDV $12.00
Beta $20.00
Note: Tapes longer than 2hrs. will require additional DVD's  
VHS cassette repairs range from $5.00  - $25.00  

Slide Transfer to CD Price range $.75 - $.40 on how many slides scanned




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