The US government has very precise requirements for image used for passport applications. And we can create the perfect passport image for you while you wait! We charge $12.00 for the first set (a pair of photos are required with your passport application) and $6.75 for each additional set of the same image.

 Why a second set? Savvy travelers always keep a photocopy of their passport along with the second set of images separate from their passport. If your unfortunate to have your passport lost or stolen, your “backup set” will be a great resource to aid in getting your passport re-issued.

 Passports for Infants

We also do passports and other identification documentation for babies. Just remember they have to be awake with “eyes wide open” for their picture.

The passport application office is located at the county clerks office. There hours of operation are 8AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. 

Here’s some additional links to useful information for US passports:

 Foreign Passports

Not all passport photos are created equal! Canadian passports, in particular, have substantially different criteria which require that your image be taken in our studio. .

We can provide photos to meet just about any requirement. Just bring the specific criteria that must be met and we will help get that done for you

At Wink Imaging, we use a sit down studio and digital camera to shoot all passport photos. You get to preview and approve your photos before we print it. Because the passport office does not accept inkjet digital photos, all of our photos are printed on photographic paper.  Bring in any specification, and we will accommodate your needs!

We are Canandaigua's PREMIER PHOTO SPECIALISTS with thousands of passport photos printed in the course of 30 years!

We specialize in all international passport and Visa photos for ALL COUNTRIES, with a special emphasis on those countries that have special requirements for their photos. From Argentina to New Zealand, you can trust us to get it right the first time!

We also provide photo services for:

  • American Naturalization/Green Cards
  • D 160 Digital Visa Photo
  • Green Card Lottery
  • State Departments
  • Gun License



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