A picture is worth a thousand words.

A business portrait (also called an executive portrait or professional portrait) is generally a headshot (head and shoulders portrait). It’s similar to a typical portrait except you are buying the image to use for your business rather than buying a print to sit on your mantel.

You can put your portrait on your Website or blog, business cards, and even advertising to give a face to your name/business. You can also put your business portrait on your resume when applying for jobs and for college/grad school. These portraits are also perfect for social networking sites, press releases and company brochures

How do I choose the best “look” and setting for my portrait?

It all depends on what you want your image to say about you. Ask yourself what you want the tone of your portrait to be:

  • Serious or smiling?
  • Powerful or approachable?
  • Moody lighting or soft, bright beauty lighting?

Your personality and business might call for your portrait to be taken on location rather than the studio.

  • If you are an executive, you might want your portrait taken in your corner office overlooking the city.
  • If you want an image that is more natural, opt for a park setting.
  • If you want more traditional lighting and backgrounds, you’ll probably want your pictures done in-studio


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